5 Outstanding consulting CRM solutions that will take your company to the next level

CRM for consulting companies will help your team to process and analyze data, make process-driven solutions and automate workflow. This is an all-in-one solution that can replace many programs and apps.

Even if your company has skilled advisors, the success of the consulting organization can’t be complete without properly optimized operations and processes. CRM for Management Consulting Firms is a versatile solution that helps to deal with project management, human resources, data and knowledge, and marketing. These five solutions have been created for consulting firms to leverage all useful services.


Bpm’online consulting CRM

This CRM for consultants is considered to be highly efficient and affordable, and selected by thousands of companies around the world. What makes users love it? Together with a simple intuitive interface, bpm’online offers the whole gamut of features for:

  • organizing all documents in a unified stream;
  • boosting efficiency of HR management;
  • improving resource allocation;
  • deploying an integrated approach to business operation management;
  • managing a centralized knowledge database.

The software will perform all time management for you: notifications, workflow optimization, and organization of customer communication, calculation of costs, reports and data analysis. You can streamline more than half of routine tasks to offload your staff and let them focus on really important matters.

With this CRM for consulting, you will benefit from integration with many services and applications to get relevant data. Enquiry resolution can be monitored, and you can assign advisors for this or that enquiry. The result of work can be monitored with the help of reports and diagrams: you won’t miss a detail. Bpm’online solution can be used as a desktop and mobile solution, and is compatible with various platforms.


Bitrix24 consulting CRM

Bitrix24 is a globally acknowledged platform for business process management that can also be successfully used by CRM consulting companies. If you need an affordable solution and endless opportunities, Bitix24 consultant CRM solution will be the right choice. Users get the full spectrum of necessary tools: not only customer database, but also quotes, invoices, project management instruments, etc. The platform may serve to collaborate with clients and all involved partners.

While not all similar solutions include email marketing and self-service portals, Bitrix24 provides them for users. It also helps to generate leads, personal messages, invoices and many other documents. Time managers will like the wide choice of helpful tools like Clock-in /Clock-out, billlable hours, workload management, absence tables, work reports and calendars.

Time Consultant

Time Consultant

This web-based solution can be used by different organizations including CRM Consulting Firms. It has most basic features like other CRM solutions:

  1. Improved time reporting. Users can receive automatically generated notifications, submit timesheets and have steady access to data via an Internet browser.
  2. Timesheets in electronic form are easy to manage.
  3. The system calculates the time requires for operations and processes.
  4. Expense reporting options show bill expenses of particular projects, defines currency and payment method, and shows expenses to be approved.
  5. Streamline of invoices and billing based on expenses and time. Bill rate changes for every employee can be displayed or sent via email.
  6. Analysis of gross include at all levels of the organization and immediate reporting of gross income by project, department or consultant.

Time Consultant is a surprisingly cheap ($4 per user per month) solution that helps to automate employee time reporting, timesheet approval, invoicing and project management. This is a suitable solution for startups and companies with tight budget.


Bullhorn consulting CRM

Another popular solution for consulting business, Bullhorn helps to grow business without much expenses and efforts. It boosts employees’ productivity during relationship transitions and provides visibility of business processes. With Bullhorn CRM software, management of consulting firms becomes much easier. There are several outstanding features that are worth mentioning.

The platform provides real-time insight into relationship history, the most engaged contacts and tasks in progress. Customer contacts and personal data are also automatically obtained from different services and platforms. With total transparency, you will get a clear vision of employee relationships, business opportunities, results and client health. With Bullhorn software, you will be able to overcome the main challenge: provision of consistent service in ever-changing environment with altering customers’ demands. One more important advantage of this suite is convenient intuitive interface in both desktop and mobile versions.



To ease sales management in consulting firms, you can implement this software. CAS CRM is a versatile solution that has the following benefits:

  1. Total confidentiality. Define who is authorized to access customer data.
  2. Central knowledge database that provides information about clients and will help to make a decision.
  3. Secure and easy access via mobile devices.
  4. Let employees know what tasks are being performed, and enhance communication providing them with an integrated platform for collaboration.

CAS CRM software also has many options for sales optimization: sales funnel, sales reports, convenient dashboard, comprehensive project plans. This is an available solution for consulting organizations in need of basic CRM functions.

With suitable consulting CRM software in place, you will get overall control over data and automate various processes to offload your employees. This is a perfect solution for organizations that care about their teams and customers.

Top 5 Banking CRM Software Solutions

Financial organizations have to deal with a large amount of workflow and clients on a daily basis. Keeping tabs on data and maintenance of consistent level of service is a pretty hard task. This is why CRM for banks is irreplaceable: today, there is no better solution than this software. Compare CRM banking software of different brands and find the one that meets your organization’s demands.



The company provides high-quality banking CRM software for financial organizations to track the entire story of customer’s actions and improve client experience while keeping high efficiency of operations. What makes bpm’online programs special is the opportunity to personalize communication and handle client requests according to pre-defined processes. They guide users through ready algorithms and suggest appropriate steps for the interaction with customers and service. All data about customers’ actions, orders and transactions is stored in their profiles. With CRM in bank, the complete customer journey can be traced starting from the initial request and following by permanent profile maintenance.

Bpm’online CRM for banking is easy to adopt: it is compatible with most platforms, and can be used on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).  Thanks to a smart and intuitive interface, users don’t have to waste much time on training or be tech-savvy. Besides, this banking CRM solution may boost cross-selling and up-selling volumes, analyze customer experience and satisfaction, and make interaction simple. The software features functions for:

  • campaign planning and performance;
  • opportunity management;
  • improvement of customer service;
  • lead control;
  • creation and promotion of products.



NetSuite provides cloud-based software for small- and middle-scale organizations, and it’s a great idea to use their CRM in banking sector. The programs help thousands of companies across a wide range of spheres: wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, media, etc. NetSuite is chosen by hundreds of users, because it allows for the deployment of software-as-a-service (SaaS), which means that the program features extended architecture, and all data is securely stored in a reliable data center. Customers may also use NetSuite Business Operating Platform to create applications with required industry-specific tools and resources.

NetSuite bank CRM software has the following features:

  1. Sales automation;
  2. E-commerce opportunities;
  3. Client data processing;
  4. Partner relationship management;
  5. Marketing analytics.

The analytics functions can integrate back-office data with front-office operations to give the complete view of the organization. This corporate banking CRM can be used on computers and iOS devices that extend functionality of mobile version.

Marketing 360

Marketing 360

If you need bank CRM as a web-based platform, Marketing 360 is the right choice. This solution is created for both entrepreneur and middle- and small-size businesses. It gives companies the opportunity to create successful advertisement campaigns, organize SEO optimization programs and analyze performance of digital marketing. With Marketing 360 CRM in banking, users can easily create web pages with call-to-action buttons – no specific knowledge of programming is required. The system features ready templates that may be customized by drag-and-drop actions.

Who is recommended Marketing 360 CRM in banking and financial services? This is a solution for financial organizations that need in-depth analysis of audience and proper SEO optimization. First, the solution helps to improve website’s search results by tracking ranking in search engines and keyword statistics. Secondly, it compares SEO performance of competitors and suggests ways for boosting of conversion rates. Thirdly, the organization can target and segment customers according to their location, gender, age, interests, etc.


Salesforce for banking

One of the most popular CRM solutions for banks, Salesforce is a cloud on-demand suite that provides numerous applications for enterprises of any scale. The app with a focus on sales and service can be used for:

  • sales management;
  • marketing automation;
  • partnership management;
  • customer service;
  • management of client accounts;
  • tracking of sales leads;
  • organization of marketing campaigns;
  • post-sale service.

Salesforce CRM software for banks can be synchronized with Outlook to export contacts, emails, calendars and customer information in applications. With this software, users can tracks deals and sales, manage events and tasks, and evaluate performance. It features the whole gamut of options, such as API integration, customizable applications, and a full-fledge control of business workflow. Salesforce banks CRM is deployed as SaaS solution, and provides maximum security of databases.


Prophet CRm for Banks

People use Prophet CRM in banking industry, because it makes work with customer data easy. Being integrated with Outlook, it extends its functionality and gives team the opportunity to unify contacts, emails and communication data in the frames of a single application. With Prophet CRM banking users can work and communicate with each other in one application and control sales and activities. Such functions as task scheduling, setting of follow-ups, and configuration of reminders help to organize workflow smartly. Besides, this solution gives an in-depth insight into the sales process and losing and winning leads.

CRM in banks helps to automate business processes and optimize the communication with every single customer. Every financial organization will benefit from such software, as it contributes to more efficient integration with clients and allows for improving service.

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