What is the use of business process designer?

Today’s business managers and analysts place a higher priority on investing into a good business process designer due to an increasing need of companies to document, streamline, and automate their customer-facing business procedures. Business owners fully understand that their business cannot be successfully operated without well-managed and continuously improved processes, which are essential in a smooth cooperation of the staff as they ensure consistency of the workflow and help teams in achieving a shared goal. Continue reading “What is the use of business process designer?”

What Is The Difference between Web BPM and Workflow Software?

Web BPM platforms and workflow software have much in common, but the first notion is much wider, and it is becoming more and more popular among modern businesses of all sizes. 

BPM is the unique methodology guiding companies’ efforts towards the optimization of their business processes, improvement of overall efficiency, and gaining higher revenue. This discipline implies continuous enhancement of the way an organization operates. The term “business process management” is frequently confused with “workflow software” – another type of application aimed at automation of one or several business processes. This notion has a narrower meaning; it is actually integrated in web BPM, which, as it is known, implies the overall orchestration and optimization of business processes. Such platforms are designed to help companies thoroughly analyze, model, integrate, and monitor their workflows, irrespective of their size and industry. Continue reading “What Is The Difference between Web BPM and Workflow Software?”

Enhancing enterprise intelligence with BPM 360

Today’s unstable business environment requires from companies to be extremely flexible and adaptive to ever-changing market conditions.  The innovative BPM 360 software provides process-modeling tools that enable enterprises to embrace changes while keeping a total control over their business.

BPM 360 is a business process management platform delivering an overall view of the core business procecess and helping organizations achieve optimized business outcomes. Put it simply, a BPM system is all about business improvement, optimization, and automation. Continue reading “Enhancing enterprise intelligence with BPM 360”

BPM prices: why are they different

Probably there is no such enterprise owner or a company leader who has never heard about a BPM system – the powerful software that improves business performance outcomes through managing critical business processes. By viewing a business as a set of tasks and workflows, the finest business process management platform provides the tools for business processes automation and continual improvement. Thus, BPM is all about quality and efficiency – the two critical components of a successful competition in the market. Continue reading “BPM prices: why are they different”

CRM and BPM play well together

To compete effectively, companies need to maintain a customer focus, which is naturally a key to profitability, business growth, and market success. In the era of evolving IT-technologies, these business objectives have never been so near. The bpm’online company is a pioneer in merging CRM with BPM to provide enterprises with powerful software, with a help of which they can design dynamic business processes that can completely meet customers’ demands and market trends. Continue reading “CRM and BPM play well together”

BPM Best Practices: Secrets of the Platform’s Successful Implementation

The years of successful and disappointing process management experience have resulted in the appearance of fundamental principles, which are used by most modern enterprises. These principles increase company returns, improve business processes, and let organizations satisfy both the stakeholders and the clients. BPM best practices include the set of methods focused on business process operation and change. If the stuff of the organization understands these principles and takes them into account, they have more chances to achieve success in the highly competitive marketplace. Continue reading “BPM Best Practices: Secrets of the Platform’s Successful Implementation”

Business Process Analysis and Design – an Important Tool for 21st Century Companies

It is very difficult for the businesses of the twenty-first century to survive amid global competition. In order to gain the upper hand, organizations need to turn into lean, flexible, and innovative companies with customer-driven processes. This is why they apply to business process management platforms, such as CRM bpm’online. These solutions let companies do things much faster, better, and cheaper, irrespective of their size, lifetime, and business area.

The system of Bpm’online possesses a variety of tools for successful management of business processes. For instance, it has the tools for customer segmentation, a unified service catalogue, a multi-faceted knowledge base, an intuitive campaign designer, and so on. An important advantage of this software is that it can be used on any devices, including PC, tablets, and mobile smartphones. Its off-the-shelf tools for business process analysis and design can be implemented by both large and small organizations working in different spheres of the global market. Continue reading “Business Process Analysis and Design – an Important Tool for 21st Century Companies”