Enhancing enterprise intelligence with BPM 360

Today’s unstable business environment requires from companies to be extremely flexible and adaptive to ever-changing market conditions.  The innovative BPM 360 software provides process-modeling tools that enable enterprises to embrace changes while keeping a total control over their business. (more…)

The Most Effective Business Process Management System to Boost Your Marketing and Sales

We always hear someone say that he is starting a new business and to an answer whether he has measured all the risks and spending his new business will undergo, the answer is yes in 90% cases. Then we learn that the business is being closed; something went wrong, there was no income, spending was … Continue reading “The Most Effective Business Process Management System to Boost Your Marketing and Sales”

Client Relationship Management Software

What is Client Relationship Management? CRM client relationship management is an access to managing a company’s relationships with current and potential customers. It uses data research about customers’ past contacts with a company and to refine business relationships with customers, particularly focusing on customer retention and in the long run contributing to sales growth. (more…)

Back to basics: how financial institutions can effectively optimize their corporate sales process

What the sales process means for your financial institution A true sales process is an internal methodology that contains steps from lead qualification to lead closure. A common definition of sales process is pretty obvious and not a novelty. It is a set of steps and activities from receiving a lead to deal closure. The … Continue reading “Back to basics: how financial institutions can effectively optimize their corporate sales process”

Marketing automation software

Marketing automation software is the top of any list of best solutions for modern businesses. This technology allows companies to streamline workflows and operational efficiency. The goal of the marketing automation software is, as it follows, quick automation of marketing actions. Using the technology makes repetitive tasks (emails, social media, different website actions) much easier … Continue reading “Marketing automation software”

Top 5 game-changing CRM software solutions

Customer relationship management is all about establishing personal and emotional linkage with clients and partners. The robust interaction between consumers and a brand is a pillar of a business stability and success in today’s dynamic market landscape. One of the ways to solidify relationships with perspective and existing clients and at the same time reduce … Continue reading “Top 5 game-changing CRM software solutions”

Best Sales Management Software for Your Company

Sales management software enables companies to manage the entire sales cycle effectively and easily. How to select the relevant software for your business? Bpm’online The system combines the best sales practices and manages a complete customer journey connecting marketing, customer service and sales processes. Its collaboration tools include communication panel, calendar and Enterprise Social Network … Continue reading “Best Sales Management Software for Your Company”

Top 5 Banking CRM Software Solutions

Financial organizations have to deal with a large amount of workflow and clients on a daily basis. Keeping tabs on data and maintenance of consistent level of service is a pretty hard task. This is why CRM for banks is irreplaceable: today, there is no better solution than this software. Compare CRM banking software of … Continue reading “Top 5 Banking CRM Software Solutions”