Artificial Intelligence is coming to Enterprise Technology

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise technology realm has always been a buzzing topic amidst tech pundits and business veterans. It is clearly the era of AI and the wave doesn’t seem to cease either taking businesses by storm. Yes, AI is panning out to be an outstanding technology to optimize critical business processes and improve operational efficiency for businesses worldwide. Be it customer support or human resource management, AI has penetrated in almost every business process today.

Not a few years back, AI was something that was out of the reach of small enterprises and startups, since it was super-expensive and immature. It required skilled brains and colossal data centers. However, times have changed for a good, since a good number of small businesses and enterprises can enjoy the benefits of AI powered enterprise technology systems. Now when we talk about enterprise technology, the very first thing to pop in our head is ERP solutions. Here’s how AI is transforming the enterprise technology landscape as we see it.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on ERP solutions:

AI-powered ERP systems can greatly influence an organization’s critical processes by streamlining and automating routine tasks, minimizing operational cost and eradicating human errors. An intelligent ERP software can be tailored to learn and identify key business operations. Further, advanced ERP solutions backed by AI technology can help organizations in identifying as well as leveraging the colossal amount of structured business data. The draconian amount of data generated can be harnessed by a business to do away with error-prone routine tasks as well as optimize critical operations. Further, with the power of automation, AI powered ERP systems can free up a company’s employees from the taxing and tedious tasks of manual efforts that go into traditional enterprise management systems.

Enterprise technology maintenance is another key aspect that can benefit from artificial intelligence. Reason being, AI-powered ERP solutions would use digital assistants to assist the technicians in figuring out underlying problems if any for maintenance problems.

ERP and AI: Where does it go from here?

Experts predict the AI market to grow at breakneck speed in the coming few years. Therefore, sky is the limit for AI based ERP systems is mammoth and simply beyond imagination. AI is all set to revive the entire enterprise technology landscape by helping businesses stay ahead of the curve. Further, data mining prowess of an AI-powered ERP software when combined with automation can deliver unfathomable value to a business. We aren’t talking about AI robots here, but about materialistic ways AI can be used to mimic aspects of a human brain like learning and behavioral patterns that businesses can apply to structured as well as unstructured data gathered from an ERP software.

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Anwar Shaikh Anwar Shaikh writes about AI, business intelligence, enterprise management and analytics software that include CRM, ERP and payroll solution. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cost-effective and user-friendly enterprise management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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