CRM Systems that Will Help Turn Customers into Promoters

CRM Systems

21st century just forces us to pay special attention to the way we create and sell products and services. During the past decades businessmen and individuals were simply concentrated on selling the product and receiving their money, but the situation has changed with the development of innovative technologies, advertising trends, market changes and challenges. The buying habits of consumers have also totally changed; they are comparing every single item or service with other options before making a decision to make a purchase.

The role of the customer has increased and now it’s of key importance in any industry and market. This fact influences companies and firms worldwide to concentrate on their customers and continuously improve relationships with them, as well as attract strangers and make them interested in your products and services you provide, turn potential leads into customers, and customers into promoters. So, let’s discover the top CRM systems and the ways that make it possible to turn your leads and customers into real promoters of your brand.

Bpm’onlineBpm'online CRM System

Bpm’online CRM is priceless, as state millions of users who have achieved their goals with the help of this tool. Its benefit is that it aligns several systems into a single platform and there is no need to use several apps or systems.

With Bpm’online you get a chance to completely automate and optimize your business processes, as well as improve marketing strategies and campaigns, boost sales and enhance service. Bpm’online makes it easy to be closer to your customers, as it helps businesses to continuously improve interactions with clients, provide excellent customer service and be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

This system’s popularity is closely connected with the fact that it allows you to use hundreds of amazing and powerful features paying a rather affordable subscription fee. It gives an opportunity to get the best out of such features and functions such as tracking, forecasting, analysis, process management, task and contact management, complete view of customers and much more. It also keeps you connected to your customers by supporting access to your database via mobile app. Deploy and enjoy!

HubSpot CRMHubSpot CRM

Another option that can compare with Bpm’online is HubSpot CRM This CRM tool is used in a variety of industries including education, accounting, retail, healthcare, real estate and so on. This solution helps you strengthen your position in the market by giving an opportunity to use such amazing features as contact and territory management, sales process automation, business metrics analysis, lead nurturing and tracking, dashboards and tabs, pipelines, drag-and-drop functions, as well as project and lead management techniques.This customer relationship management software solution is famous for its engaging interface, real-time data, hundreds of integration opportunities and excellent data organization. It is really very customizable and easy to use; it is affordable, effective and user-friendly. It allows creating email and event templates and following their performance process.

CompanyHub CRM

CompanyHub CRM

CompanyHub is a smart CRM that comes with DIY customization and automation. You may be from any industry but you can customize the CRM as per you business flow and that too without taking help of a developer. With customization you are also empowered to automate almost all your sales process so your sales team spend more time in core selling than on doing repetitive tasks. You can easily organize your data as the tool is as easy as excel and you also get clear visibility in your sales process. CompanyHub also comes with inbuilt email productivity suite so where you can sync your emails, send bulk emails, track emails and create custom email templates so you do not need to invest in any other email marketing tool.

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