How Can Sales Management Software Help a Business?


Is your business using excel or a CRM solution for sales management? Despite the fact that these tools are supposedly useful for managing sales, your sales campaigns aren’t meeting your monthly goals and you are wondering why? All companies need to have dedicated software solutions, no matter if their primary goals are employee management, customer relationship management or making sales.

This is why every business that wants to improve the overall sales process should look to find a reliable sales management software. With this kind of solution you can automate various purely technical sales processes and tasks.

Today we will talk about the many functionalities these kinds of software solution have and how they can help a business improve their sales processes. These are the most valuable features to look for in a sales management software.

Managing contacts

A quality sales management software will help a business manage its contacts more accurately and more thoroughly. This includes accessing valuable leads data, including sales activities, contact lists, communication logs and so on.

With this software, a business can overlook all of their leads on a larger scale by relying on social media analytics, history of sales deals in the past, and your campaign history data. In most cases, good sales management software solutions allow tracking activities around leads that are phone-based.

These call recordings can be stored and used in the future for better lead management. The most popular and most common features that you want with contact management include activity tracking, call recording, contact history and a contact database for storing all information.

Managing leads

Managing contacts

After generating leads, all businesses need to do a follow up, look to maintain their relationships with their leads, create marketing campaigns for them and communicate with them through phone calls, social media or emails.

A professional sales management software has the power of automating this communication. For example, there are solutions specialized for emails and they can send automated email notifications to leads and potential ones.

These solutions also have the power to assign leads to the right sales representatives, making sure that everyone has something to do. The emphasis with leads is that most processes are automated and simplified, making the jobs of sales people a lot easier.

Managing sales opportunities

In order to be effective at sales, you need to measure your efforts and learn how you can increase profitability. With this kind of software, companies can set sales goals for a given week or month and track your progress. All of this is done based on the analytics that the software provides you.

With this software, companies can more easily manage their pipeline by outlining a sales road map through which all of your sales activities can flow. With this software you can visualize the sales pipeline and in real time, while sending notifications when you recognize opportunities for making sales.

Not only can you track and set goals and manage your pipeline, but this kind of software also helps with the whole order management. This includes scheduling deliveries, checking credit limits and inventory allocation.

Performing analytics

Performing analytics

With analytics features, companies are able to see how effective their sales campaigns actually are. A typical analytics tool can provide data revolving around sales calls, conversions and lead generation. In most cases, all of these analytics are visible on a single dashboard and switching between them is quite easy.

There are also many filtering options available – for example, you can separate prospective leads to distinguish them from the leads that have converted already. Additionally, this kind of software allows you to represent all important sales figures through diagrams, graphs and charts.

A lot of sales solutions have advanced analytics features that have the power to forecast sales for a certain period of time. All reporting is done in real time and you will always have all the current data within your analytics tools.



These are the essential features that you should look for in your sales management tool. Still, a lot of them come with add-on features such as chat, gamification, email templates, and so on. Choose wisely depending on your needs, and make sure that the solution has the integrations you need so that you can continue using the tools and apps that improve your business.

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