How to Use Sales Force Automation Software to Its Full Potential

Sales Force Automation Software

Considering the fact that contemporary businesses rely on various software solutions to complete their day-to-day tasks, nowadays it’s not a question of whether you should use them, but whether you’re using them the right way. If you still haven’t equipped your team with the appropriate pieces of software, then you should be aware of the fact that you’re gambling with the future of your company and all your employees.

However, having a brilliant tool in your office and not using its full potential is as destructive as not having one. Perhaps even more so because your funds are being wasted on a service that you’re not really using. You need to know how to use a tool as powerful as sales force automation software (SFA) because it can skyrocket your business.

What is SFA Software?

If you’re looking for something to enable you to take full control of every action included in the sales process and more, then you need SFA software. This software is a highly intelligent tool that will help you:

  • Establish communication between agents and departments in your office.
  • Use only one platform for all your business data and centralize it.
  • Govern and automate activities, which are included in your sales process.
  • Build a strong relationship with your customers and spread that circle.
  • Improve your offer based on valuable information you’ll be able to gather.
  • Keep a close eye on your competition and find a way to be at least a step ahead.

Without one or several puzzle pieces listed above, your business can’t function properly. So, in order to build a great business model, you need to pay attention to each of these aspects and make sure all of them are making progress simultaneously.

SFA is a comprehensive piece of software that provides users with a system of instruments. Not only will business leaders and managers enjoy its benefits, but the whole team – even employees who are responsible for executing small tasks. So, let’s go through the aspects mentioned, break them down in detail, and arm you with the knowledge you need to use the full potential of sales force automation software.

Professional CRM solutions include extensive SFA tools and give even more benefits to the companies because they are more comprehensive and help perform even more tasks and activities.

Connect Employees and Departments

Connect Employees and Departments

It often happens that employees are lacking the means to communicate, which can lead to a series of different problems. For your business to reach a new stage, it’s primarily necessary that individuals in your team establish effective communication.

  • One Platform for All

When members of your team use several platforms in order to share information and make agreements, their communication is messy. Quite relevant pieces of information get scattered, which makes it difficult to keep track of instructions and trace the source of mistakes.

With sales CRM, you’ll be able to place the overall communication flow on one platform. Different departments and employees will be able to share data on private chats or group messages, depending on the relevance of the information.

  • Delegate Responsibilities

If you expect that each employee pulls their weight, and that they accomplish their tasks in the previously determined deadlines, your management team and you need to be very clear when it comes to instructions.

CRM with sales force automation will provide you with the means to break projects into tasks and assign them accordingly. This way, each employee will be given precise information, and they will be able to meet your expectations.

  • Build a Notification System

Furthermore, CRM + SFA will provide your team and you with clear dashboards. Every individual in your office will be able to access any piece of data they might need within seconds, and they will receive notifications about new responsibilities or possible changes in real time.

  • Measure Progress

Once you fulfill your part of the bargain and supply your employees with the information they need, your managers can monitor their progress from their workstations. With daily, weekly, and monthly reports on this subject, you’ll be able to build a complete picture of the overall and individual progress.

  • Manage Field Sales Reps

This piece of software will also provide you with tools to monitor sales representatives, who work in the field. Thanks to the notification system, you’ll be able to update field employees about new assignments, and they will be able to make the most of their work hours.

Automate Internal Processes

Automate Internal Processes

Mechanical tasks, which are repetitive and dull by nature, are the reason why companies are suffocating. If you’re employees are elbows-deep in actions like data input or document approval, then you need to unburden them using proper CRM + SFA software , automate internal processes, and turn them into a self-functioning system.

  • Centralize Big Data

Having information vital to your business scattered on different platforms is unproductive. It takes unnecessarily long for the members of your team to access them. Besides, treating important documents like this and storing them in the middle of nowhere is a recipe for losing them.

  • Exterminate Outdated Activities

Once you start implementing sales automation software, you’ll be able to determine whether some activities can be made redundant. You should treat this process as if you were given a chore to clean your garden from weeds – only fruitful plants can stay, the ones that contribute to the ecosystem of your business.

  • Model Your Processes

Other than realizing which activities are outdated, you’ll also be able to see which processes require improvements. Once you transport them to your SFA, business processes will get a visual dimension. When that happens, you’ll be able to see dysfunctional parts, and it will be simple for you to remodel them.

  • Analyze Activities

The fact that implementing a certain process seemed like a good idea doesn’t imply that it’s either practical or profitable. Testing and questioning are the parts of a critical process which you need to introduce to your organization in order to be positive that your business strategy consists only of productive processes.

Proper SFA tools will provide you with the means to analyze activities and see what kind of results they bring short-term and long-term. With these means, you’ll be able to develop appropriate adjustments and apply them accordingly.

Create a Clear Overview of Sales Processes

Sales Processes

As the name of this software explains, SFA is built so that it can enable you to get full control over processes that together make this department work.

  • Control the Production Process

Many businesses leaders and their management teams don’t pay too much attention to their suppliers and the production processes – they usually leave it as is. However, everything starts with production, and you should make sure that the source is working properly.

SFA tools will enable you to visualize this process and participate in it. Whether your company has their own production department or you’re working with other businesses that supply yours, with SFA tools or CRM that provides sales force automation, you’ll be able to:

  • visualize those activities,
  • create a timeline that consists out of events,
  • monitor the production process,
  • and find a room for improvements.

With this kind of attention to details, you’ll be able to bring the list of products in your offer to what your target audience considers to be perfect.

  • Manage Subordinates

It’s necessary that your management team establishes fluent communication with people in charge of production, deliveries and storage. By using only one platform – CRM software with SFA capabilities – you’ll be able to delegate tasks, receive information about deliveries, and regularly update data.

Acquire, Retain and Find New Customers

Acquire, Retain and Find New Customers

The next aspect, which SFA will enable you to enhance, is the relationship with your customers. The satisfaction of your customers is the determining factor, which will affect the future of your business; a lack of it will undoubtedly lead you to bankruptcy, while happy customers will make your business flourish.

  • Store Contact Information

First of all, you should profile your customers individually. For you to be able to establish a personalized approach with each of them, it’s necessary that those profiles contain precise information about them. Once you get this part in order, CRM will also provide you with a 360-degree-view, so that you can manage all your customers simultaneously by using a very clever system.

  • Use Conversation Archives

Furthermore, CRM software will provide you with details about the conversation history with each of the customers. This data will show you the problems and needs your customers have, which will directly demonstrate which adjustments need to be made to your production process, like we discussed earlier.

  • Wake Up Dormant Customers

With a transparent overview of your customers, you’ll be able to clearly see the activity of each individual. This platform will also direct you to those customers who purchased one of your products only once for example, so that your agents can get in touch with them and make an appropriate offer.

  • Find and Convert Leads

And finally, thanks to the amount of processes that you can automate using SFA, your agents will have enough time and energy to dedicate themselves to finding and converting your leads. Quality pieces of sales force automation software like this one will also provide you with tools to track leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Mind Your Competition

Mind Your Competition

As a business leader, you need to be observant of everything that’s happening in your business niche. Considering the fact that the market is this saturated, you need to mind your competition and see what they are up to.

  • List Your Competitors

With CRM, you’ll be provided with tools to make an extensive list of every company that can threaten your business. You need an overview that is clear and transparent so you don’t lose sight of businesses similar to yours, which can take over your leads and your existing customers.

  • Analyze Their Strategies

Furthermore, you should also invest your time into learning more about the way your competitors do their work. Knowing what to expect in the future will prepare you and enable you to come up with more effective products to indulge the needs of your customers.


So, CRM system in combination with SFA tools will offer you instruments to centralize your data, establish fluent communication between employees and departments, control the production process, monitor and automate activities, provide your customers with genuine care, and keep an eye on your competition. The benefits of using CRM and sales force automation synergy are great, and your business should enjoy each of them – so, make sure you are using its full potential.

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