Five incredible BPM software solutions for better results

When it comes to management of business processes, most companies cannot exist without proper software and consultants. BPM software can replace numerous programs, tools and assistants. These top BPM tools can be implemented by companies of any size, just select the one that suits your needs and requirements.



Simple and affordable, bpm’online provides an integrated platform for execution of various business processes. Sales, marketing, service – unit everything you need in one platform. It may be applied on your premises, or be used as a cloud-based program. One distinctive feature of bpm’online BPM software is WYSIWYG design tool using which you can create, modify and control business processes of any complexity. Preconfigured elements will help you to process data and work with tasks easier.

What makes it one of the best BPM tools is intuitive engaging interface: a few minutes will be enough for users to understand the navigation. There are no extra elements in the menu: everything is simple and comprehensible. The software is integrated with hundreds of different services, social media and applications, so you can be sure in relevance of customer information. Besides, it eliminates the need of using third-party services to get in touch with clients.

As many other BPM tools, this program comes at per user per month pricing basis and is pretty affordable ($25-$50 per user). It can be used as a cloud solution, or being implemented on your premises. Most platforms (iOS, Android, Windown, Linux) support the software, so users can access the data whenever they need.

What makes bpm’online one of leading BPM software solutions is in-built Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about its benefits and peculiarities here.



Alfresco Process Services is created for businesses that need to handle tens of mission-critical processes in one place. Decent business process management tools can’t exist without customization options, and Alfresco offers all of them for you to adjust to even-changing business environment.

First, there are graphical tools for creation of process models: convenient drag and drop navigation can be handled by beginners, and BPMN editor may be used by more advanced developers. Secondly, Alfresco platform provides Point and Click editors to define business processes and help teammates to make decisions. Data is integrated via different platforms, so users won’t have to use third-party resources to acquire it.

While helping to automate repetitive tasks, this BPM tool also ensures agility in non-routine situations. Users can quickly access information and documents to execute business processes, and collaborate as a team no matter where they are. With group and individual tasks, organizations can support the whole gamut of business scenarios and accomplish goals.



One of the simplest and most affordable BPM software tools, PerfectForms provides various workflow solutions to boost efficiency. It has the following distinctive features:

  1. Drag-and-drop editor to create and modify business processes, user interface and reports. No coding required. You can use existing templates or construct your own applications.
  2. Business process automation and process-driven decisions help to execute tasks quickly and reach goals efficiently. When workflow is optimized, your potential is unlimited.
  3. Comprehensible reports will give you a detailed view of task progress and the success of leads. Information is analyzed in real time.

PerfectForms software is widespread among different organizations including educational and financial institutions, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.



Our BPM tools list would be incomplete without LogicGate solution. It helps to organize workflow thanks to the flowchart of physical activities. As processes are executed, LogicGate software creates the rules and logic to centralize operations.  Users value this program because it is:

  1. Adaptable and flexible. Everyone in your organization will be able to work with business processes and share information in real time. Rules and logic are modified to comply with ever-changing environment, you don’t need to know coding to alter them.
  2. Easy to use. Workflow is synchronized and integrated across all devices and levels. Now teammates will be aware of tasks in progress and may work together. They don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand how things work.
  3. It provides the whole array of BPM tools for customer communication including emails, calls, personal meetings and interaction in social media.

If you need maximal agility, this platform will be a perfect solution for your team no matter how big the organization is.



This automation platform allows uniting business process management, CRM and sales in one place. Organizations that need to automate workflow and boost its efficiency will definitely like this software: teammates can interact using instant messages, video chat and friendly text anytime, anywhere. Comidor BPM solution is compatible with the most widespread platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.). Besides, it can be used as a cloud program, on premise or a hybrid variant.

Comidor can be integrated with different services and applications to establish efficient communication with customers and acquire their contacts. Since it’s a low code development platform, you can create your own applications without extra efforts and skills. The entire sales lifecycle can be managed with the help of a few tools and instruments. Another key benefit of Comidor is low price: it comes for $10 per user per month only!

Now when we’ve conducted BPM tools comparison, you can choose a solution suiting your unique needs and requirements. It will definitely take your business to the next level.

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