Most Popular Consulting CRM Softwares Your Business Will Benefit from

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Day by day, business owners have to resolve lots of different problems. The latter include a wide variety of issues, from sales and marketing to client servicing and reselling. Those who head up private consulting firms are no exception. Naturally, they can handle all their problems using old good card-catalogues and traditional books of records. But how time-consuming and inconvenient they are!

Smart consultants give preference to customer relationship management softwares that help them regain control over the whole scope of their daily operations. Let us gain an insight into the key benefits of CRM for consulting firms:

  • They improve the company’s workflows.
  • The systems of the kind move leads through the sales funnels.
  • Such platforms promote customer experience.

We are ready to present you the top five CRM for Management Consulting Firms that help organizations of all sizes in their marketing efforts. Here they are:


Bpm’online Consulting CRM

It is a cloud-based customer relationship management system for consulting firms and professional consultants that improves resource allocation, boosts officer productivity and enhances human resource management efficiency. Bpm’online allows users to implement smart enquiry management tools and organize all the company’s documentation in a single stream. The software lets modern organizations centralize all their collective knowledge and experience in the single database. With this CRM for consultants, you will have a perfect opportunity to elevate your client relationships and sales management to higher standards. You will bу able to organize all types of activities in a user-friendly interface, plan workload for your team, calculate costs of services and control all additional expenses. Besides, with bpm’online you can monitor the results of your day-to-day activities, continuously improve the firm’s business processes and gain competitive advantage as compared to other companies working in the same industry.


Bitrix24 Consulting CRM

It is a highly secure, turnkey CRM system for small and medium-sized companies aimed at efficient collaboration, communication as well as business process management. The software helps consulting organizations get rid of data silos and move all the necessary pieces of information to a well-protected centralized database. Using Bitrix24, you can apply to a variety of effective instruments, which will help you create reports, import and export contacts, perform the analysis of the team’s performance and so on. This CRM for consulting companies gives users a quick look at their sales funnels and allows them to monitor all their transactions in progress. What is more, this customer relationship management platform features a Gantt chart, in which you can view all the company’s tasks and subtasks with their statuses, responsible employees and chronological relationships. All this enables consultants to work more effectively and with greater confidence.



It is an integrated professional service designed to automate business processes of consulting firms and agencies. The platform streamlines all the company’s workflows and helps employees deliver their projects on time. The CRM tools of Accelo let consultants manage the firm’s budget, maximize revenue and avoid value leakage. The software integrates sales, projects, support service and the staff into the single centralized system, saving you from the trouble of using multiple platforms and spreadsheets. With this CRM for Consulting Firms, you will be able to focus on client relationships, as you will know what is going on with every customer at any given time. Moreover, Accelo enables organizations to increase their billable hours, utilize their resources more efficiently and get rid of redundant administrative procedures. Finally, the system can be easily integrated with other apps used by most modern consulting agencies.



It is a comprehensive CRM solution that helps consulting firms accelerate their employee productivity, increase the level of client satisfaction and gain the maximum visibility of human relationships within their organizations. Bullhorn equips companies with the real-time insights into the client’s situation. For instance, you will hold information about the person’s relationship history, his orders, top engaged contacts and so on. With this CRM for management consulting firms, you will receive alerts about client issues right to your mobile phone, so be ready to respond to them as quickly as possible. Besides, the system helps companies manage all their eventual personnel operations with timesheets, expenses, commissions, invoicing and onboarding programs. Bullhorn is a fully customizable platform that can be changed in accordance with the users’ preferences; you can easily adjust it with a simple drag and drop function.



It is a dynamic CRM solution that will help you digitize your sales management consulting firm. The system lets users identify the areas for improvement, makes them more proactive and increases the level of customer loyalty. It features a user-friendly dashboard, which will be very helpful in management of a client contact information, keeping track of the firm’s projects and recent dealings, making schedules for the stuff and so on. All this data can be used later for the purpose of reporting on the consultants’ performance and the clients’ actions. With Base, you will have a perfect opportunity to prioritize the company’s leads and customize multiple sales pipelines in order to track and manage different deals. The platform will let you associate a number of contacts with a single deal, so that you could easily navigate multiple decision makers. What is more, you’ll stay connected on the go using the system’s mobile app for iOS and Android.

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