Top 5 game-changing CRM software solutions

Customer relationship management is all about establishing personal and emotional linkage with clients and partners. The robust interaction between consumers and a brand is a pillar of a business stability and success in today’s dynamic market landscape. One of the ways to solidify relationships with perspective and existing clients and at the same time reduce operational costs and boost productivity is investing in the right CRM product. CRM is a program (web-based, on-premise or hybrid), which enables companies achieve excellence in marketing, sales, and service by providing powerful tools to administrate every aspect of customer relationships.

An ideal CRM solution is entangled with the following features:

  • Business process management and automation
  • Customer data management and segmentation
  • Content management
  • Lead management
  • Social media integration
  • Reports and dashboards
  • User interface customization
  • Big Data management and storage
  • Files sync and share
  • Sales funnel management
  • Campaign management
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Product catalog
  • Mobile CRM
  • Order processing

Based on these criteria we have developed our list of the most sophisticated CRM tools and hope it will help business owners and executives figure out which solution will suit their needs best of all.


bpmonline crm software solutions

The acknowledged leader in online CRM software solutions, bpm’online provides a central hub for customer experience management and sales force automation.  What sets bpm’online out of the competition is that it is the first in the world process-driven CRM program, which allows non-technical users to easily design, modify, and run customer-facing processes on a single platform.

Such a powerful CRM+BPM engine enables to consolidate customer-related information, build efficient promotional campaigns, create and automate workflows using the inbuilt process designer, assign tasks and responsibilities, retrieve documents and contracts from the system, sharing information among multiple users and departments, track leads through a sales pipeline, analyze the results of each business activity, and much more.

Full-featured bpm’online software is able to serve every business need by incorporating three products in one CRM package:

  • Bpm’online marketing to develop and deliver compelling demand generation campaigns via different channels and evaluate their success;
  • Bpm’online sales to manage and automate vital business processes and keep an eye on sales performance;
  • Bpm’online service to solve customer cases, process orders, handle requests, and manage omnichannel communications with customers.

   Zoho CRM


One of the best CRM software products on the market, Zoho CRM is a powerful yet simple-to-operate platform helping its users manage sales and customer-related information in one place. The rich functionality of this solution can address many business challenges like planning activities for the target groups, creating invoices and quotes, managing deals and contracts, and tracking the progress of marketing campaigns directly from the system. The main features of Zoho CRM are:

  • Pipeline management
  • Task management
  • Contract management
  • Account management
  • Marketing reporting and analytics
  • Lead management
  • Campaign management
  • Social media synchronization

ProsperWorks CRM

prosper works crm software solutions

Smart and simple, ProsperWorks CRM is aimed at helping companies close deals faster. A seamless integration with Google apps makes ProsperWorks a high-performer among CRM solutions. The software provides all necessary tools to track leads in a sales process, capture specific data on new opportunities and create call-to-actions based on informational triggers, design customer engagement projects, manage a database, establish consistent communication with members and clients, and implement standard sales procedures. This CRM product provides such functionality:

  • G-suite integration and extension to Gmail and Inbox
  • Emails tracking
  • Sales tasks automation
  • Team activity tracking
  • Pipeline management and reports
  • Forecast management
  • Leads and sales dashboards
  • VoIP Calling

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

Cloud-based CRM software solution, Salesforce is an ideal program for midsize to large businesses of different types that are focused on overall monitoring and reporting. Salesforce can keep track of every prospect, client, and partner and provide insightful custom reports on sales and marketing activities, thus, contributing to more accurate decision-making and forecasting. Owing to rock-solid functionality, integration, and configuration, the suite can be very beneficial for companies looking to:

  • Manage lead and contact-related information
  • Build and execute online marketing campaigns
  • Get the real-time stats on sales
  • Reach out to the customers straight from the system
  • Share content among the participants
  • Track the teams’ and individual performance



Affordable and easy-to-use customer relationship management software, Nimble provides everything to effectively manage contacts, communications, and sales activities from one place. It can help the shareholders to organize workflows around new lead generation, segment contacts to determine the right audience for a new product/service, create and perform email and social media marketing campaigns, manage tasks and calendar events, etc. The key competencies of this solution are:

  • Customer database management
  • Lead management
  • Deal tracking and invoicing
  • Sales forecasting and analytics
  • Email marketing and tracking
  • Task management and reminders
  • Social networking services integration and social listening
  • Enterprise social network


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