Marketing automation software

Marketing automation

Marketing automation software is the top of any list of best solutions for modern businesses. This technology allows companies to streamline workflows and operational efficiency.

The goal of the marketing automation software is, as it follows, quick automation of marketing actions. Using the technology makes repetitive tasks (emails, social media, different website actions) much easier and saves up a lot of time. Besides, it simplifies marketing ROI measurement.

Marketing software is used in many modern business processes. It’s widely presented in the B2B and B2C types of organizations. The software helps increase sales and stimulates profits.

Opportunities offered by marketing CRM software:

  • placing all the marking data in one spot;
  • providing clear customer database segmentation;
  • aligning marketing, sales and service on the same CRM platform;
  • segmenting and targeting right messages to each customer;
  • customer interactions across online and offline channels;
  • analytics for testing, measuring, and optimizing marketing ROI;
  • tracking new leads, evaluating the efficiency of different channels;
  • automation of marketing campaigns;
  • extensive integration possibilities.

Why marketing automation platforms are so powerful

To be successful and efficient, specialists in marketing should respond personally to every customer who shows the slightest interest in buying. But in real business it’s hardly possible. And only technological platforms can fully automate all marketing communications.

Top 5 Best marketing automation softwares

The best solutions for business automation are determined by customer satisfaction according to the users’ reviews. All the software products introduced below have “all-in-one” business options: blogging, email, analytics, social media, automation and much more.

  1. Bpm’online marketing automation software is a cloud CRM multichannel management software for businesses of all sizes. The platform enables to have a constant dialogue with your customers. Engaging interface, free of redundant information, makes communication and marking easy and pleasant. This software is widely recognized by key industry analysts.

Special features:

  • email-marketing tools for personalized communications with every customer;
  • three basic products aligned on a single platform (marketing, sales and service);
  • no coding or any technical difficulties in changing processes;
  • bulk data import and export;
  • complete monitoring of workflows and history tracking.

Marketing automation software bpmonline

  1. Autopilot a is visual marketing software, which helps communicate with customers and manage leads smarter. It’s easy to use and suitable for multi-channel marketing automation needs. Autopilot marketing automation tools successfully serve both small and large businesses. The software connects different apps to integrate and automate tasks.

Special features:

  • enables to send texts or emails to the right people at the right time;
  • built-in integrations with Twilio, Segment, Salesforce, Lob and more;
  • tracking real-time activities;
  • action-based trigger automation;
  • visualization of data and revenue reporting.


  1. Oracle Eloqua is a good choice for large enterprises that provides real time data transformation. This software offers a lot of features in its basic package. It integrates with other CRM systems. Oracle marketing automation tools are well-designed for a precise event and budget management. It allows to create a network of over 500 partners and represents over 700 integrations.

Special features:

  • function of progressive profiling,
  • possibility of email A/B testing,
  • in-depth analytics;
  • tracking of lifecycle and revenue progress.

Oracle Eloqua

  1. Marketo offers online marketing automation for mid-sized businesses. It helps find the right customers and prioritize potential customers based on the fit with your business. Marketo applications plan marketing activities across the team. One platform handles millions of activities per day. The software gives you flexibility to launch targeted campaigns to generate more revenue.

Special features:

  • a built-in marketing calendar;
  • advanced social media promos;
  • advanced content abilities on landing pages;
  • the ability to allow sales and marketing to communicate through the same system.


  1. Hubspot CRM for marketing management serves for effective setting up workflows and their financial boosting. It saves time on repetitive tasks and helps control targeted workflows in real time. This automation tool is aimed at small businesses. The platform is easy to use and gives business owners a possibility to learn about online marketing.

Special features:

  • publish relevant, conversion-optimized content in social media;
  • insight analytics depicting main marketing impacts;
  • ability to tie all the data together with analytics;
  • the software is easily installed on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Give it a try

Today only innovative strategies can really attract new customers. Hypercompetitive business environment requires being aware of all modern opportunities for effective business management.

Choose one the best online marketing software, presented in the review to evaluate the possibilities for streamlining your business processes. Using online marketing software is the best way to coordinate workflows and produce high-quality leads for the sales department. With the help of CRM marketing tools, you can control your entire business performance and make it more effective.

You can have your free trial of the chosen software to analyze its functions and opportunities first.

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