Best Sales Management Software for Your Company

Sales Software

Sales management software enables companies to manage the entire sales cycle effectively and easily. How to select the relevant software for your business?


The system combines the best sales practices and manages a complete customer journey connecting marketing, customer service and sales processes. Its collaboration tools include communication panel, calendar and Enterprise Social Network for managing projects and deals of any complexity. Bpm’online has also a variety of tools for product, contract and lead management. All data may be imported from and to Excel or integrated with MS Exchange or MS Outlook. A system designer helps to work with pages and processes. A detailed analysis of each stage of sales enables to see all performance indicators. Visit to find out more about packages, pricing and free demo versions.


The software applies the most up-to-date pipeline methodology which helps to control complex sales processes. All contracts, projects and deals are categorized by stage. It develops a clear understanding of sales priorities and refocuses forces accordingly. The whole process is fully customizable; users can add as many sales options as they need thanks to drag-and-drop interface and detailed menu. In addition to that, the platform offers different tools for sales forecasting and reporting for future sales planning and budgeting. Check to learn more about its features.


Zoho CRM

The CRM empowers companies with lifecycle management solutions and helps to achieve great sales performance. Lead management tools collect lead information from campaigns and websites. All deal details are seen in a single screen without scrolling. In-depth reports and dashboards identify advantages and bottlenecks of any sales process. Territory management tools help to control sales across various geographies. Users can share accounts with other territories, see the statistics among regions and allocate sales representatives to the right locations. Find out more about this software for sales management at


The CRM drives operational excellence from lead to deal closure. The system combines marketing automation tools with sales pipeline to sell faster and find more sales opportunities. Its tools include Sales Cloud (automation and CRM options), SalesforceIQ, Quote-to-Cash (for payments and invoices) and for data cleansing. The smart system Einstein AI analyses data and highlights the top leads. For more options and solutions have a look at



Companies use this platform to automate marketing and sales processes while combining email campaigns, CRM and e-commerce in one place. The system helps to focus on the hottest leads and assigns a score automatically. It also adjusts the settings a user needs for a particular task. Pipeline management tools make a sales management more productive. Users can automate reminders for sales team, view reports, train new members and make accurate forecasts. If you are ready to get started, check


Clickpoint (SalesExec)

With this software developed for call centers and sales managers, companies close more deals quickly and efficiently. The system enables to import leads into user’s management software and improve lead conversion. DNC and TCPA rules are created for compliance. Built-in sales scripts increase company’s close rates. Lead management reports and scoreboards provide sales managers with detailed up-to-date information. The system integrates call service so that employees can call leads and analyze the results. Automated email and direct mail options also help to increase lead conversion. Visit to learn more about products and solutions.

Clickpoint (SalesExec) Sales Management Software


This platform has a great number of tools for generating leads, accelerating sales and closing deals. Leads import, segmentation, filters, duplicate mergers, smart search and geolocation help to manage leads in a comfortable way. Sales pipeline reports and dashboards provide users with the quick overview of company’s sales. If you want to speed up your sales process, check

Teamgate Clickpoint (SalesExec) Sales Management Software


Yesware is an email platform for salespeople. It has a number of email tracking tools, email templates, sales automation tools, phone dialer and time saving tools for more effective sales management. The system provides full analysis on opening, clicks, responses and other actions of customers. Analytics reports enable to see which prospects are likely to be closed. If you want to sell smarter, have a look at

Yesware Teamgate Clickpoint (SalesExec) Sales Management Software

Key Features of Sales Software

When choosing the best sales management software, enterprises should take into account the following features:

  • Contact and lead management tools. Detailed customer database is beneficiary for any sales process.
  • Sales forecasting and reporting. Analytic tools are necessary for adjustment of sales processes and boosting productivity.
  • Integration with email and other CRM platforms. The sales software should be synchronized and integrated with email and other CRMs for simplifying the whole business process.
  • Pricing optimization. It relates to unified price management that also eases approval procedures and workflow.
  • The best software for sales management enables sales collaboration and helps to assign projects among employees and share strategies.

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