Customer Database Software Solutions

Customer database software solutions are tools designed for analyzing and visualizing complex data. These solutions help companies to effectively control their data centers and mission-critical applications. Some are designed for use in Big Data warehouses, where simplicity, speed, and transparency are essential for success of analytics. Others were developed for e-commerce and offer transaction processing and secure data management. In any case, these solutions help deal with terabytes of data, support thousands of users and are instrumental in building a customer database.

Customer database software

Using customer database software, you can create a single data base of all contacts and accounts your company works with. Bpm’online customer services allows you to keep track of all social media profiles, service history, contact data, etc. You can also manage your data by leveraging smart data enrichment tools. Your customer information can be segmented by different parameters allowing you to improve communication with clients and build stronger relationships with them. You can also enrich your data through the use of various social media sources.

Benefits of customer database software

Bpm’online customer database management can be very beneficial in the following areas:

  • Data enrichment through social media
  • Duplicates detection and merging
  • Customer data segmentation
  • Contact and account management
  • Customer database analysis

Top 7 Best Sources Of Advice For Customer Database Software Solutions

  1. Bpm’online
  2. Capterra
  3. Database Software Solutions
  4. Prophet
  5. Apricot
  6. GetApp
  7. Xact

How to select your customers database software

Each software has its advantages and disadvantages. However, you need to know, which system can meet your needs in the best possible way. By all means, you will want to use a platform that can be easily and frequently updated, has reliable support, and offers customization tools. Choosing the right software for your company will have a long-lasting effect on your business. What are some key points you need to consider when selecting a software? Here are they below:

  • If it is an on-cloud or on-site version
  • How it is going to protect your data
  • How you are going to create and manage databases
  • How user friendly is the software
  • History of servicing

Data enrichment through social media

Many companies recognize that they still lack the complete and accurate profiles of their customers. However, forward-thinking marketers know that they need them completed before starting sales operations. Progressive businesses seek to improve their customer profile databases in order to provide more relevant content to potential customers and existing clients.

Before developing a serious marketing strategy, companies need to review their existing databases and avoid filling them with generic information. Enhancing information about existing or potential customers beyond just their occupation, age, gender and other generic facts allow for reaching each target audience with a more specific message.

Data enrichment is also vital both for companies who sell products and for companies that provide services. Personal profiles assist in identification of top accounts to target. The goal for businesses is to focus on the right customers and not to waste their budgets on individuals that will never buy from them. Companies need rich databases to be successful in account-based marketing.

Customer data segmentation

Customer segmentation divides customer database into smaller groups of persons who have similar interests or preferences. Segmentation can be based on all or some of the following: purchasing habits, interests, age, gender, etc. Customer segmentation includes:

  • Use of applications that deal with new data and respond to information that comes through it
  • Establishing successful communication among the corresponding company divisions
  • Use of data analysis methods for segmentation
  • Collection and integration of information from different sources
  • Making decisions regarding types of data to be collected and ways to gather it

Companies assume that every customer is different. And so they build their marketing strategies to reach specific individuals or small groups with relevant messages that would lead those customers to buying something from them or to using their services. Customer database software was designed to assist companies in achieving those goals.

Customer database analysis

Customer analytics is a systematic examination of client information by the company with the purpose of identifying, attracting, and retaining customers. Customer analytics is implemented with the help of CRM (customer relationship management) tools and is managed through co-operation of the company’s different departments such as business analysts, sales, IT, customer service, and marketing.

The purpose of customer database analytics is the creation of a unified and accurate perspectives regarding the customers. That will help make decisions with regard to acquisition of new and retention of existing customers. Customer database (software) + cloud solutions are instrumental in obtaining precise analytical data.

History of servicing

It is important to keep track the history of servicing. Customer database (software) + online support will help you manage customer data. Key customer information is automatically added to your database, payment details are stored and provided at your request, and customer profiles integrate with existing invoices and other information to facilitate your business operations. Also, your customers are divided into correspondent categories in accordance with their purchase or/and history of servicing.


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