Choosing an operating system Android, iOS or Windows Phone for a smartphone

Smartphone is a small computer which has an operating system, web browsing and software applications. Of course, the common sense tells you that it is better to choose the operating system which provides more applications. Nevertheless, among different operating systems, in the majority of cases you will have to choose among three “big shots” of the modern mobile world – Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Choosing a phone don’t choose between iPhone 5 or HTC, but choose between their operating systems.


When Google purchased this startup, it jumped on the bandwagon and made the resting on its laurels Apple with its iOS move a little which intensified the competition on the mobile market. Smartphone running on Android are prevailing now on the shelves of the store selling modern gadgets. It is easier to call those “serious” companies which don’t use the cute green robot to breath in life in their soulless “piece of steel and plastic” – they are Apple, Microsoft/Nokia and Blackberry. Among the advantages of Android are its transparency, loyalty and democratic policy. Here there are gadgets of different kind for every taste – the cost of the “brand” phones starts from 100$ and ends beyond any common sense. The choice of the mobile applications is also pretty good. Android is slowly but steadily overtaking its main competitor. Of course, the green robot is far from being perfect in terms of integration of systems like in iOS, but looking at the fresh » KitKat, new Nexus, Chrome OS, Google Glass, Chromecast, etc. it is possible to assume that the Android’s bright future is on the cards. In any case, smartphone running on Android will be able to be a reliable tool carrying out all your daily tasks, perfect mean of communication and a “window” to the world of entertainment. Don’t hesitate to buy Android because you will not make a mistake having chosen this operating system.

Windows Phone

The eighth realization of Windows on the smartphones will try to bribe you by its ascetic interface, smooth animation and close integration with the Microsoft services (for instance SkyDrive, Xbox Music). However, as for applications, Windows Phone Marketplace loses this battle giving way to Google Play or App Store. The quality of these apps also leaves much to be desired.

Windows Phone 8 has its own distinctive features. The first smartphone with the camera of 41 megapixels is running on this operating system, there “blocks”, not “windows” in the interface and the most important fact is that Windows Phone 8 is installed in the Steve Balmer’s smartphone. Well, Windows Phone 8 smartphone definitely can be a useful assistant for a businessman and for those who want entertainment.


Even “old” iPnones look like five star hotels on a good spa resort – everyone is smiling, all inclusive, perfect view out of the window. the most important is to pay in time. Every Apple device knows its place in a crafty and harmonious system – here everything is clear, beautiful, logical and very comfortable. The number and quality of apps for iOS is beyond and competition. There is one powerful reason why it is worth buying iPhone – both smartphones and the operating system are developed by the same company – Apple. The level of support of the “old” gadgets is the best among all competitors. Even if you decide to choose iPhone 4 and buy it from your friend, the company will support your smartphone. By the way, this fall the lucky owners of iPhones have received the offer to update their smartphones to iOS 7. Check and mate.

The assortment of accessories to the Apple devices is enormous – stereo systems, controllers, chargers, you name it. Of course, it is expensive to become a part of the Apple world, but these phones are the choice of a practical person who doesn’t want to change his gadgets like gloves.

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