What Is The Difference between Web BPM and Workflow Software?


Web BPM platforms and workflow software have much in common, but the first notion is much wider, and it is becoming more and more popular among modern businesses of all sizes. 

BPM is the unique methodology guiding companies’ efforts towards the optimization of their business processes, improvement of overall efficiency, and gaining higher revenue. This discipline implies continuous enhancement of the way an organization operates. The term “business process management” is frequently confused with “workflow software” – another type of application aimed at automation of one or several business processes. This notion has a narrower meaning; it is actually integrated in web BPM, which, as it is known, implies the overall orchestration and optimization of business processes. Such platforms are designed to help companies thoroughly analyze, model, integrate, and monitor their workflows, irrespective of their size and industry.

Bpm’online is a well-known BPM banking platform. This solution has received a number of world-class awards and its CRM business process tools are highly valued all over the world. The software helps enterprises make the most of their customer-oriented activities, bring innovative practices to their work, and improve their customer experience. The key features of this solution are defined in every detail at https://www.bpmonline.com. Here, you can also watch the video about the way the platform operates, try the demo version of the software, and ask the experts any questions about bpm’online.

About Business Process Management

The key objective of any BPM software is to orchestrate business processes and improve the way the company operates. The platforms of the kind influence the whole system of the organization’s inner and outer processes, and optimize them in accordance with the process-centric technology. Web BPM begins with the quantitative investigation of the existing processes, which is executed in several steps.

First, you need to establish the set of characteristics that are present in the existing workflows. Then, the specialists of your team should develop the improved process design, which will be implemented in the future. Before it is put into practice, the employees can perform simulation of the chosen solution. This process lets specialists confirm that the new web BPM platform will be effective and beneficial enough. They should go through several “what if” scenarios changing their entry processes and resource allocations, until the optimum flow is found. Only then the implementation group can deploy a new business process management software, taking into account all the hallmarks of the chosen solution and the unique needs of the enterprise.


Advantages of Web BPM

BPM online solutions have a number of apparent benefits, which are highly valued by organizations from all industries. You can read about all of them at https://www.linkedin.com/company/bpmonline. As for the key advantages of such systems, they are as follows:

Lower costs

Customer management software promotes increased workforce productivity, provides knowledge sharing capabilities, and enhances decision-making processes. Various notifications and triggers help employees keep up with the ongoing business processes and minimize waste. All this results in substantial cost saving, which can be reached in several months after implementation of the chosen solution.

Increased revenue

Web BPM platforms let enterprises raise their total revenues by means of boosting product release,  improving client service etc. The time of delivery is accelerated due to straight-through processing. Dashboards, which are provided by most platforms of the kind, prioritize business procedures by their influence on sales.

Improved agility

On a long-term perspective, online BPM solutions allow firms become more agile. They ensure that their business processes adapt easily to all circumstances. Collaborative tools integrate different departments and improve the process of decision-making. The company’s workflows are dynamically rerouted in real time by means of in-flight process modifications. With these capabilities, the organization is better equipped to respond to the constantly changing business conditions.

Workflow Software

About Workflow Software

On the contrary to the web BPM, such platforms cannot improve and customize all the processes within the organization. The systems of the kind imply simple automation of paperwork and repeated tasks executed by the employees. They provide all the necessary data and technical support at every step within the business cycle. As for the materials and documents regarding each process, they are either sent from one user to another, or they are taken from the single database. In the second case, certain users get access to the base at the appropriate moment of time, after which the access is blocked again. Workflow software may include a number of alarms and triggers that notify employees when certain tasks are overdue. Such platforms ensure that company’s operations will be moved through the system in an appropriate time and by the appropriate staff members.

Opposed to BPM tools, these systems are focused on business processes only, and they have little impact on the overall enterprise performance. Nevertheless, workflow management tools are the inescapable part of business process management, and their role cannot be underestimated.

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