Enhancing enterprise intelligence with BPM 360

Process modeling

Today’s unstable business environment requires from companies to be extremely flexible and adaptive to ever-changing market conditions.  The innovative BPM 360 software provides process-modeling tools that enable enterprises to embrace changes while keeping a total control over their business.

BPM 360 is a business process management platform delivering an overall view of the core business procecess and helping organizations achieve optimized business outcomes. Put it simply, a BPM system is all about business improvement, optimization, and automation.

Do you wonder how a computer program can improve your business? Sophisticated BPM products encompass a wide array of functions and pre-integrated applications allowing for arranging the entire process lifecycle in the most efficient way. The stakeholders use BPM software solutions to design and execute corporate operations and improve them with the help of embedded business intelligence metrics and performance tracking capabilities.

Above this, the finest BPM 360 program enables companies to organize the business processes in the way, which would help meet all customers’ needs and enable business leaders and owners to determine how to allocate, monitor, and optimize corporate resources.

BPM makes it possible to increase efficiency and productivity, diminish costs, minimize errors, and handle risks and exceptions more accurately – all of the critical components, which companies need to handle successfully in the market. Thus, the best business process management package like bpm’online software is a comprehensive solution, aimed to meet any of the business requirements. Learn how particular industries can use a BPM program to get more value out of their business processes here: https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-software.

What BPM 360 delivers

It is obvious that BPM software is extremely helpful. But still, the following remains unclear: what makes the program so essential? The value of a business process management system centers on its overwhelming functionality that includes:

Process designer

Both on-premise and online BPM softwares support a full process lifecycle to make core business procedures more flexible and responsive to changes. The process designer encompasses the next tools:

  • Capturing. Any business activity is a mix of information, human interactions, actions and decisions. BPM can automatically capture, extract, validate, and classify any type of information and translate this data into an inbuilt knowledge base. This information will assist the employees in creating the processes diagrams.
  • The captured information can be used to model the map easily in an intuitive, drag-and-drop manner according to the business goals and strategy.
  • Executingallows for the execution of the steps of a newly designed processes by a computer.
  • Monitoring.  BPM 360 tracks the status of individual processes and business activities in a real-time. If any problem or exception occurs within an operation, the software notifies an executer about the appropriate actions that should be taken.
  • Improving. With a comprehensive visualization of business performance, the managers are able to identify potential or actual bottlenecks or critical activities and find out potential opportunities for cost savings in order to apply these enhancements in the process design.

Business process designer

Rules management

Business rules management is an integral part of an advanced BPM platform like one developed by the bpm’online vendor. The app allows for integrating business rules into the processes during modeling with minimal involvement of the IT staff and provides the tools to automate not only routine operations, but complex processes with many variables. Workflows complied with rules (business logic) enable the participants to make the right decisions quickly, giving companies an opportunity to react to fluctuating market trends and ever-changing regulations.

Rules management

Process intelligence

BPM 360 suite provides for getting insight into the business processes effectiveness with help of extensive analytics, real-time reports, and customizable dashboards. While designing, it is possible to determine KPIs and time frameworks for every instance of the process. This enables the teams to make multiple analyses from a single source and use this data to accelerate decision making and optimize resources measurement. The BPM analytics can:

  • Report on the processes that do not meet SLAs;
  • Monitor work backlogs;
  • Generate reports based on the process and role;
  • Evaluate and compare performance and efficiency of the workforce;
  • Alert the participants on exceptions that may affect the process execution.

The BPM software reporting and analytic tools do no simply execute business operations across a company but provide a complete visibility into the processes enabling the decision-makers to comply business activities with company’s targets.

Process intelligence


Teams need to interact and share information across a company to achieve their business goals. To prevent the missing of good ideas, a powerful BPM solution provides instruments for effective social collaboration, such as corporate email, message boards, traceable conversations, calls and video conferences.  A unified working environment provides with awareness of everything that is going on within a process and has its contribution to the organizational knowledge base.


Mobility means that BPM software can be used both on any portable device and a desktop computer. With a mobile fully functional business process management system, the users get connected via any smartphone or tablet and they still are able to access documents, generate reports, and track their performance. The app provides the participants with a 360-degree view of their processes with no restrictions. Executing processes via a mobile device can significantly reduce the need for maintenance and hardware costs.

360 Business Performance View

In a modern uncertain business environment that targets at agility, speed, quality, effectiveness, and compliance, a well-developed business strategy and its successful execution are dramatically important. Business process management software helps companies achieve these goals by offering the company organizational improvements based on the process continual transformation.

Implementing a BPM approach into the core of business workflows boosts performance excellence and leads to business growth and success: companies can predict possible threats more promptly, respond to opportunities quickly, and take well-considered decisions. A cutting-edge BMP 360 platform is a smart solution that helps estimate and continuously monitor the entire organizational KPIs, identify inefficiencies, anticipate market trends, reduce redundant manual tasks, and optimize operational costs.

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