CRM System for Financial Services

Running a business in the modern world means reaping the benefits of digital technology and using affordable software tools that can help you stay ahead of the competition. So far, there is nothing more valuable on the market than the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which according to numerous statistics efficiently reduces costs of labor while improving:

  • Overall productivity by 50%
  • Sales productivity by 15%
  • Customer satisfaction by 70%
  • Revenue by 41% per individual sales representative

Putting it simply, this customer empowerment tool for business is an excellent strategy for all organizations with a main focus on finance. Finance CRM software is specially designed to suit the financial industry and boost the corporate growth reflected in sales, marketing, and real-time interaction with consumers.

Finance CRM Software Advantage

Finance CRM Software

Cloud-based CRM offers the key to unlocking the potential of your finance business through proper nourishment and management of your target audience and leads. The system optimizes business management across multiple departments within the organization via features like:

  • Time-tracing and timely process optimization.
  • Full overview of the customer journey, including emails, addresses, names, purchase history, etc.
  • Easy implementation and interactive user interface enabled for use on multiple mobile devices.
  • A central database for storing and analyzing essential information, which leads to better knowledge management, case management, lead management, and opportunity management.
  • Multichannel communication for enhanced customer service experience, as well as turning leads into loyal clients.
  • Collaboration tools and in-depth analytics for tracking, recording, and extracting accurate strategies in real time.
  • Marketing automation including processes such as omnichannel advertising, email marketing, event management, customer database segmentation, and advertising campaign automation.

That being said, did you know that without CRM, 79% of leads fail to convert? So not only does finance CRM help to boost sales, but it also generated the $36 billion in worldwide revenue last year, due to its powerful customer approach. Hence, when on a lookout for a valuable finance CRM solution, be sure to choose the one with capabilities such as:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation
  • Performance Management

Why? Because with a full automation of vital business operations, the business can show steady and long-term growth with accurate planning and strategy execution that turn leads into increased sales, not to mention the cost savings of effectively organized tasks, schedule, and service optimization that allows you to process requests on time.

The math is simple, for every dollar invested, the ROI on CRM adds up to about $5. Thus, finance CRM is a worthy investment, especially for financial agencies dealing with a large base of customers and VIP clients.

So it’s a win-win situation for all who want to exploit untapped market, sales and service opportunities and lead their company toward global awareness.

The Most Effective Business Process Management System to Boost Your Marketing and Sales

We always hear someone say that he is starting a new business and to an answer whether he has measured all the risks and spending his new business will undergo, the answer is yes in 90% cases. Then we learn that the business is being closed; something went wrong, there was no income, spending was more than earning, the market is full of competitors, the risks of losing everything was turning more and more higher and so on. Have you ever wondered why this happens and what are the main reasons of failure?

It is because every single business is unique in its kind, so you can’t follow anybody’s advice while starting a business. Any business, independent of its kind, requires time and investments, a good teamwork, a thorough analysis of every process connected with your business and so on and so forth.

The business world grows so rapidly that you can never predict the upcoming trend in the industry or the future steps of the next leader in the market, changes, vendors, prices, products and so on.

business process management system

It is impossible to control every single process and follow all of the steps inside your company, organization or an enterprise, in other words, manage every business process and the overall process in result. It seems impossible even if you are a successful businessman working with the best dream team. 21st century is giving an innovative solution to this problem. The solution has even a name – business process management system. But there arises another problem – which solution to choose among the extensive number of software systems the market offers to people searching for a tool-miracle to fully automate their working process. Yes, the BPM market is definitely rich in various solutions and tools that suggest implementing this process professionally and at an affordable price, but we have decided to dive deeper and find out the most successful and promising ones. Our research was mainly based on different user reviews, but we could not neglect industry experts’ opinions and advice. The number of popular vendors is not as small as we may think. As our research showed, there are numerous successful BPM systems that offer great solutions and unique tools to manage your business processes more productively, but we decided to pick up the one, that combines all the unique features of different systems into a single solution. It is the most popular system among users, and it is also recognized by key industry experts.


BPM online

Bpm’online business process management app is one of the most popular, loved, affordable and unique business process management tools used all over the world by more than 7000 companies and individuals. To learn more, read the following article

The solution is famous for its advantages and exclusive features, among them are integration with social media and other opportunities with just one click, user friendly interface, service categories, tracking system, visual process designer, and so on and so forth. This system is the number one when it comes to boosting your sales and organizing better marketing campaigns, as this solution combines these two systems into one, mixing and using the best features of both of them.

What concerns the service this solution provides, it is definitely the most productive and secure one. 24/7 support and excellent customer service prove it every single day. This solution has more than 650 experts, who try to do their best to achieve these results.


Finding the right solution for your business has become a real challenge, as the bpm market changes rapidly and it is difficult to get used to innovative solutions at once. Developing companies trust “old and gold” vendors, they avoid new systems which are doing their first steps to enter the market, strengthen their position in the industry, and acquire users, sell products and services with the help of marketing campaigns and so on. Strong companies prefer to implement strong solutions, the ones that have achieved a certain level of success in this huge industry. And maybe this fact has influenced Bpm’online’s success. This solution is making a real boom in the market with its innovative approach, new tools, developed features, and so many awards!

Best Business Process Management Software to Consider for Your Unique Business Needs

Managing a business is a complicated and responsible process, which requires much time, investments, knowledge, experience, attention to every single detail and a really good teamwork. If you are already in it, you are definitely acquainted with all the risks and failures every business undergoes on its way to development and further success. If you are new to business world, you should figure everything out before facing this entire staff.

The teamwork is crucial in every sphere, especially in business, but having even the best team can’t guarantee your success, just remember that it is your business, and controlling your team and every process takes time, finance and energy. Maybe these are the main reasons that our modern business world has completely changed its strategies and BPM solutions became more and more popular. Business process management software solutions give an exclusive opportunity to completely automate and optimize your business. They change your working process and management systems, turning them into more professional and productive ones. Continue reading “Best Business Process Management Software to Consider for Your Unique Business Needs”

What specialists have to say about marketing automation software?

The main question every business manager has is “How a marketing automation software will benefit my business?” Well, the first thing you have to know is that this system would help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing department. According to its features, it may be used by other departments, but its main role is to help your employees finish their tasks in time. If you use a complex software then it can improve areas from your company as customer service and sales, but it is all up to you. The main mistake businesspersons are doing when they run a company is to think that every one of the departments of their company functions on their own. The fact is that they are connected and if the marketing department will be more effective, then all the other ones will achieve better results. So, if you are not sure if this system is the investment you need for your company, then you should check the opinions of the specialists because they have reviewed multiples tools, and are able to state if this type of system will benefit companies or not.

Experts in marketing state that it saves you time

The marketing experts who have decided to use a software as the one from  state that it helps them save many hours of work every day. According to the specific of the company, their needs are different. Therefore, they have to make sure that they reach their customers at a certain moment, and they offer them data that would convince them buy.  In addition, companies have a well-established plan with the emails they send to their customers.

  • They welcome the clients with an email that offers them basic information on the company.
  • Then the software sends and automated email to ask the clients what services or products from the company they might be interested in.
  • According to the marketing plan of the company, the system can load around 8 weeks of preloaded emails, ready to be sent. Once the marketing automation software is set up, it will work for the user.

Businesspersons state that it improves the income

Every businessperson wants to save money, and to increase their income, so there is no surprise that they want to invest in a software as the one from bpm’online, that will help them make money. They prefer a marketing automation system, because it helps them close the sales as fast as possible. In addition, it is very effective in identifying leads. In this way, the marketing and sales departments will focus their efforts only on the real deals. Also, some businesspersons decided to implement the software together with a web analytics software, because in this way they understand easier what are the steps of a conversion.

Experts state that it is effective in increasing conversions

If you use the right marketing automation tool for your needs, then you can make sure that it will help your company achieve success. If you align an automation software as the one offered by ProsperWorks with the strategy you use to create the messages for your clients, you will notice that very soon the number of conversions will grow. An automated software is very effective in finding the stronger leads, and in this way, your marketing specialists will only have to make the right offers to the right people. Also, the sales department will have valuable information they can base their strategies on. Once the sales team understands what they have to do to convert leads into buyers, your business will begin to grow.

Everything you could possibly want to know about online service desks

One of the most commonly used phrases on the Internet is online service desk. You are not going to see ordinary individuals discussing about this type of software online, but rather businesspeople. Managers that have already integrated the system in their IT infrastructure strive to answer the questions of those demanding to know what advantages can be derived from this course of action. This is not the place to cover online discussions. This is not the goal of this article. The real goal of this piece of writing is to provide information about online help desk software. This application is used in organizations across various industries, so it is worth learning more about it.

What is an online service desk?

This seems to be the question of the day. A great many people are eager to know what represents an online service desk. What can be said, other than the fact that it is a complex IT system, is that it provides support with problems related to customers. The operating system is basically a resource that company employees can use in order to solve issues that might arise. The help desk, this being the preferred denomination, lifts the weight of the shoulders of the staff members – metaphorically speaking, of course. In the past, there was one employee who was responsible with answering phone calls and delivering solutions. Even if the number of employees has increases in organizations, they are still required to handle existing problems on their own. Well, not any more.

online service desk

For the sake of intelligent applications like bpm’online service and Zendesk, staff members are able to             respond to questions and technical inquiries in a timely manner. The reason for this is that the portal offers them access to all the information that they could possible need. Employees have an entire database at their disposal, so they are able to provide clients much-needed assistance.

The pros and the cons

There is no doubt that having innovative technology in place is advantageous. The online platform acts like a single point of contact, meaning that it can be approached for information as well as assistance. This does not mean that a system is not allowed to have limitations. The perfect software has not yet been created. What you have to understand is that operating systems are made by people and they are sometimes subject to error. By error, it needs to be understood that they cannot always predict what companies want. Now, let us take a look together at the main pros and cons.


  • Web-based. The fact that the software is web—based is of tremendous help to your organization. Do you know why? Because you do not have to acquire any program and struggle to integrate it into your current IT infrastructure. Due to the fact that the point of contact is based online, anyone who disposes of an Internet connection can gain access to it. The process is not disrupted, and requests can be handled no matter the communication channel used.
  • Ability to perform important tasks. The online service desk enables users to see to important tasks, such as account management and performance monitoring. The application offers the necessary tools in order to do so.
  • Easy to use for agents and customers. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a software program that is capable of responding to the needs of staff members and customers. Yet, programs like Zoho Desk manage to achieve this almost impossible goal. Most importantly, they are easy to use, having an intuitive interface. You do not have to provide your service agents training or leave instructions for clients.
  • Self-service. Most people are too proud to acknowledge that they need assistance. Or they simply prefer to do thing on their own. What service desk technology does is provide them the means they need to solve their issues. Simply put, the application empowers them to take matters into their own hands.


  • Lack of personal touch. What can be more convenient than having a web-bas system to help your company with customer questions and inquiries? Very few things. The problem is though that some people might not be happy with automating the process. More specifically, they might miss the personal touch. This is indeed a drawbacks, but there is something that your service agents can do. What you can do is personalize their experience. If you do this, the outcome will be a positive one.
  • New features and upgrades might not take place automatically. It is tempting to assume that new features and upgrades are immediately implemented, but this may not be the case. You might have to contact the cloud-software provider and fix this.

service desk with CRM

Deploying online service desk with CRM

Customer relationship software is one of the most advanced systems that you are ever going to see. Considering it’s rise in popularity and the extent to which it is used in various industries, it is safe to say that it has become central to business operation. The vast majority of CRMs come with a help desk option. This is true when talking about programs like bpm’online, that are created keeping in mind the end user. However, it is not fair to expect all systems to be the same. While some customer relationship management tools have the service desk option, others do not.

If you have an old-age CRM in place, there is no need to threat because it can work together with the web-based system. When their forces are combined, the software provide infinite benefits. On the one hand, the subscription cost is significantly lower if you buy a solution from the same software supplier. On the other hand, everything is much more simpler. To be more precise, dealing with customers is no longer a burden. Simplicity is something that you need to strive for and only technology can help you in this sense.

If anything mentioned in this article has convinced you, do not waste any more time and start looking for a reliable vendor. The sooner you have a solution in place for service desk, the better.

Requirements for Personal Loans and Business Loans

Do you think it’s time to expand your business and hire new employees or perhaps move into a larger location? If you have a new product line in mind, you must be thinking that this is indeed an exciting time, but at the same time, it is stressful enough to note whether or not you have enough cash saved in your bank to finance the expansion.

In fact, for the majority of small businesses, these sort of situations call for taking out a small business loan. These are smaller cash infusions which pays interest rates and offer new income opportunities to the business in question. So, whether you are a business or an individual, you have to meet certain requirements to obtain the best online loans in the market. What are the requirements like? These are some that you may take into account. Continue reading “Requirements for Personal Loans and Business Loans”

Free cloud-based CRM software

What is cloud-based CRM?

Cloud-based CRM (or cloud CRM) is defined as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software where the CRM software, CRM tools and the organization’s customer data is hosted in the cloud.

Traditionally, all CRM systems were internal applications and they were installed and ran on servers inside an organization. This caused numerous difficulties due to inability to timely update important information and make it available to all employees simultaneously, no matter they are in the office or not. Solution was found and had a great perspective to be integrated to growing companies. Continue reading “Free cloud-based CRM software”

Client Relationship Management Software

What is Client Relationship Management?

CRM client relationship management is an access to managing a company’s relationships with current and potential customers. It uses data research about customers’ past contacts with a company and to refine business relationships with customers, particularly focusing on customer retention and in the long run contributing to sales growth.

One of the most important features of the CRM is that the systems gathers data from a number of different communication channels, including a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials and social media.

Due to the CRM approach companies get more aware of their target audiences and how to best correspond to their needs. Implementing the CRM approach may also lead to a situation when some of the customers would become more significant than other consumers, resulting in dissatisfaction among customers and destroying the purpose of CRM.

The idea of customer relationship management started in 1970s, when information about customer satisfaction was obtained by using annual surveys. At that time, companies had to depend on offline mainframe systems to automate sales, but this type of technology allowed them to categorize information about customers in charts and lists. Continue reading “Client Relationship Management Software”

Back to basics: how financial institutions can effectively optimize their corporate sales process

What the sales process means for your financial institution

A true sales process is an internal methodology that contains steps from lead qualification to lead closure. A common definition of sales process is pretty obvious and not a novelty. It is a set of steps and activities from receiving a lead to deal closure. The majority of banking institutions in the
industry today have sales process in place. Nevertheless, there is a huge gap between having one and acting on it. Not that many institutions use
their own sales process as an internal sales methodology. Even less monitor and measure it on a regular basis or provide feedback to sales  managers and have it automated in the CRM. Continue reading “Back to basics: how financial institutions can effectively optimize their corporate sales process”